Monday, July 29, 2013

Raising An Adult

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. It's not necessarily for a lack of material, or because life is so predicable, or because I'm hiding in a cave- it's more a problem of having too much on my mind and in my heart, and too little time to sit down and express it. That's what happens when you give up your right to yourself and copious amounts of "me" time and take on the title of "Momma". 

On my heart and mind today is the oft-mentioned sentiment, "We're not raising babies, we're raising adults". This is true. But sometimes, the personhood if a very young child is a little hard to grasp- until it is staring you in the face looking for answers to life. Every day I watch as Corbin grows a little more physically, and exponentially more mentally! It's such an exciting time of life for our little family, as well as a daunting one as a parent. I watch this little man and see his imagination growing, his vocabulary increasing, his daring little spirit challenging the boundaries of everything he knows.

I want him to be that arrow that shoots out from the quiver, headed for a mark far beyond what his parents could ever achieve. 

And every day as I watch this little man grow and develop and capture my heart again and again- I realize that I am incapable on my own.  I am humbled by my inadequacies. I repeatedly come up empty just when I need to be full...

But God.

I can't do it on my own. Not child raising, not breathing, not a single thing. But with God, I have more than all I need. 

Daily, I see Him fill the gaps for me. 

Daily I am reminded that He is the Creator of this precious arrow. 

All I have to do is give it all back to Him.