Monday, March 11, 2013

The Way God Provides...

The other evening I was making supper for my little family, and I stood at the counter, between the stove and the sink, and reached into the cupboard below me. I pulled out some pots and pans- only the ones that I needed for this particular meal, though. From the cupboard above the sink, I searched around for the ingredients I needed, mentally checking them off the list as I scanned the recipe in front of me. 

Laughter from my husband and son bubbled from the other room as Corbin enjoyed his daddy's attention after a long day away. 

For some reason, on this particular evening, I was incredibly content standing there with my apron on and cooking away (I don't mind cooking, but I confess that it's not something that I always enjoy...and I was finding a lot more joy in it at this moment!!)

My thoughts floated back to when Collins and I first got married- after a long process getting a visa to come to NY, everything else happened in a whirlwind and before we knew it, we were packing our lives in Uganda into 1 backpack and 2 suitcases each...and most of it was jewelry and handcrafts that were coming as gifts for other people!  5 days later, we were married and started out our lives together in a house my parents own that had been sitting empty...quite empty, in fact...for about a year. We had the basics, and little more, for those first few weeks. It was not the easiest of transitions, let me tell you! (But not for a moment do I regret saying "I do!" in the midst of it all!)

To think of our lives today, and the gains we have made together- as a couple, as a family, as individuals; socially, spiritually, and of odd particular importance to me as I made dinner, materially- I was rather overcome! 

God has blessed us SO MUCH! We have had to work hard- but God has given us the ability and the knowledge and the situations in which to do that. We have had to sacrifice, and we have had to learn the hard way...and a few times, He let us off easy by learning from someone else's mistakes. But He has ALWAYS been there guiding us. Every single time that I have faltered and wondered if even God could take care of a situation, He more than outdoes my wildest dreams...He has my good in mind!

So you, my friend- if you're wondering if God can provide for your need- call me and invite yourself to my house. And we'll have a cup of tea (with spices from Uganda) or coffee (also from Uganda), whichever you prefer, and we will chit chat and I will tell you some incredible miracles of God showing Himself more than able. 

Believe me- He is good. My God can supply every need...abundantly, powerfully, gently, and in His perfect timing!