Monday, October 8, 2012

Stones From the Jordan: Part 2

Then Wednesday night, a phone call came from the Ugandan Water Project, telling me that several people had donated in the past couple of days...over $1000 worth of support towards our account!! I was so excited that I burned the dinner and when Collins came with our dinner guest (they were moving some furniture that had been given to us into our new apartment, b/c God provides for EVERY need, right?!), I was practically jumping up and down (hindered only by the still-painful knee)!  And Collins again reminded me that faith IS the substance of things hoped for!

(Needless to say, I re-made dinner and we had a great time of fellowship!)

By Friday, the outstanding balance on our account was a little over $600! I was so encouraged, thinking- we got this! God is so cool, He sent us almost the whole amount we still needed!

Today, Sunday, we shared at our cozy little church in Richville. My sister shared about her recent trip with UWP.  And then Collins and I were given the chance to share how God has worked in and through us, and a little bit of where we believe He is taking us.

And then out of the blue, an impromptu, unplanned offering was taken up, and a large portion of the church gathered around us to pray for our little family as we travel next week and as we plan for the future.

During some coffee and fellowship after the service, someone counted that impromptu offering...and combined with a few other things slipped to us during handshakes, God OVERWHELMED us, He sent a CASCADE  of HIS blessing down upon us- $1900!!!!!

And so, these posts are my pile of stones from the Jordan, a reminder of God's faithfulness, of His unending care and provision. It is something for me to look at when my faith is waning in His promises, a steady place for me to gaze upon and reflect back to the way He did NOT leave us hopeless, He did NOT abandon us, and He did NOT give us a false promise. It's a pillar for me to find strength from when the winds are beating me, a place to hold onto when the enemy tries to tell me that it is only superstition. It is a testimony to God whispering in my ear through the prayers of precious, precious brothers and sisters in Christ that we ARE on track, we ARE hearing His voice clearly, we ARE following the call that He has placed in our hearts, that we ARE meant to be His hands and feet serving His children in Uganda.

God is faithful. If you ever hear me doubt that...don't slap me upside the face, please.

 Instead, point me toward this pile of stones.
See the pile of stones to the left?? That's what I'm talking about!